Tuesday, 30 June 2020


The plane lifted off into the clouds.
"Hey are you up for another top super hero mission to defeat the joker?"
Said Batman as the plane zoomed away.
Oh I'm down to stop that clown"
Said Robin while peering round the chair.
"But I don't want to make my other dad Bruce Wayne angry. Do you think we'll be done before my bedtime?" Asked Robin. " Bedtime"  screamed Batman angrily. " Batman,s  life lesson unmher 2.
vigilantes don,t have bedtlmes
said Bat man leaning back in his chair "yes" Exclaimed Robin happily "so wat,s the vigilante policy on He asked hopefully....

Monday, 29 June 2020

sentence unsuramble

 Last week I went to The park with my family.
yesterday I rode my bike down The road.
Tomorrow I will go and see my grandparents.
Last Monday my family went out to dinner
Today I went on The bikes at  lunchtime.

Thursday, 25 June 2020

Number of the week hundreds

Sentence Unscarmble

All of the children are playing nicely Today .
The Wind is blowing very strongly outside.
Last night The band played very loudly.
I always try to speak kindly to my friends.
When I ride my bike I always ride carefully.

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

word problems


"Stay in there and be quiet"
whispered Tom as he approached the evevator.
"How much longer? l can,t breathe in here."
said sonic  from inside The bag.
A lady looked over at Tom and asked.
"DO you have your child in there?"
Tom looked back at The lady and said.
Then Tom thought for a minuteb and added
"i mean, yes it,s a child, but it,s not mine"
the lady looked rather worred before a concerned man questioned,
"it,s not your child?"
Tom. stayed staring straight ahead while sonic said,
"smells like body spray and old ham sandwich"